Small business website design service – affordable, honest, all-in-one packages

I create websites that have been proven to pay for themselves. For businesses that need sales and new customers, but don’t want the hassle of maintaining a website, I can take care of everything for you – from hosting, domain name, security, design, content, search engine optimisation – allowing you to focus on your business.


Welcome! I don’t advertise this page, so if you’re here it’s through somebody I’ve worked with already. I’m based in London and work remotely with businesses across the UK – including Central and Greater London, Liverpool, Wolverhampton, Blackpool and Surrey.

I offer a small business website design service for two reasons:

1) I enjoy being useful. Friends and colleagues who were leaving the BBC asked me to sort out the websites for their new ventures – and then they recommended me to their friends, who recommended me to others… and so on.

2) I’m keen to support smaller businesses – I’m sick of them getting ripped off by noisy marketing charlatans.

I’m happy to chat about what you need – get in touch here.

In my day job I advise some of the largest organisations on their websites and digital content. This experience allows me to help smaller businesses to avoid the common mistakes associated with their digital marketing.

I often see small businesses buying flashy websites with bells and whistles they’ll never use. Instead, I specialise in giving my clients what they actually need – increased sales and happy customers.

Every web design project is different, but typically, I help by supplying an “all-in-one” website package, that leaves you free to run your business.

The “all-in-one” website package will often include:

  • Domain name – advice and registration.
  • Hosting
  • Website design
  • Content creation
  • Search engine optimisation – placing your  businesses at the top of Google
  • Website architecture – aligning the website with customer need
  • Editing
  • Security
  • Ongoing maintenance – I handle all the technical stuff
  • Advice and training

I’ll usually build your website in WordPress, and can make it easy for you to update it with news, blog posts etc if you so wish.

A good value web design package

An all-in-one website package will cost around £950.00. This represents extremely good return on investment – for example, for my clients in construction or professional services, the website will have paid for itself after it has attracted one new project or customer.

Get in touch here.