Digital communications advice and research for Directors / C-Suite


Case study – Digital communications advice and research for agency directors / company directors / C-Suite

Please note: Much of my work is covered by Non Disclosure Agreements, so I can’t be too detailed on this page.


A busy director of a PR agency needs an understanding of the digital communications performance of their potential client, ahead of new business meetings etc.

What I did

  • Audited the digital communications of the potential client.
  • Benchmarked the digital communications against key competitors.
  • Audience Intent Modelling – to reveal the communication gaps separating customers from the brand – and to reveal the topics and themes that resonate.
  • Keyword research – identified the SEO performance of the potential client.
  • Insight discovery – summarised the key findings – the “truths” that can be used to amplify the impact of the digital content and social media.
  • Documented recommendations, and arguments, with examples of approaches to take.


The Director won the pitch. I supply discreet research, analysis and “digital comms” advice to a number of busy directors of marketing agencies when they’re faced with pitch preparation, RFPs and new business calls etc.

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