Hello, I’m Ciaran Ryan.

I offer digital strategy and content strategy support services to leading brands and their agencies.
I help organisations to figure out their “new story” and to translate it into compelling digital activity.

My job title depends on which organisation I’m working for. I’m usually a freelance digital strategist, content strategist, product manager or advertising account planner.

Based in London, UK, I work, often remotely, with companies across Europe, the US & beyond.

My background

I spent nearly ten years at the BBC launching, relaunching and managing lots of high-profile content-rich projects – websites, social media, campaigns etc.
My time at the BBC taught me that an evidence-based strategy / rationale is often the key difference between success and failure.

After the BBC I then worked for two and a half years at the London office of digital agency Last Exit. In my role as a digital strategist / planner I deepened my knowledge of strategy and the discovery phase of projects.

Since leaving Last Exit in 2014, I’ve been freelancing and contracting with many leading agencies in the UK and abroad. I work discreetly, and I’m happy to be white labelled for projects.


Click for more about my services. In general, I help:

  • Leading brands, and their agencies, with their digital communication and content strategies.
  • Businesses that want a fresh, evidence-based, understanding of their customers.
  • Agencies (PR, digital, customer experience, advertising etc) that are pitching for new business – and need to quickly understand their prospect’s customers, and digital communications.


I work across B2C and B2B, usually specialising in sectors that have complex products – professional services, technology, manufacturing, third sector, tourism etc. I have also worked on FMCG projects – the relaunch of Unilever’s Lynx range and more.


Also, over the years I’ve been commissioned to write, or ghost-write, various publications about digital communications and marketing.
Reports I can mention here, include:

• Accountancy Sector Digital Benchmark (Draw Group, 2017).
• Healthcare Sector Digital Benchmark (Draw Group, 2016).
• Legal Sector Digital Benchmark (Draw Group, 2015).
• Legal Sector Digital Benchmark (Last Exit, 2014).
• Legal Sector Digital Benchmark (Last Exit, 2012).
• Energy Sector Digital Benchmark (Last Exit, 2012).

Get in touch

Thanks for visiting, contact me here.

Ciaran Ryan,
London, UK

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