Hello, I’m Ciaran Ryan.

Based in London, UK, I work, often remotely, with companies across Europe, the US & beyond. My LinkedIn profile.

Nine years at the BBC planning and producing lots of high profile digital projects, five years at various agencies.

I help:

  • Leading brands, and their agencies, with their digital communication and content strategies.
  • Businesses that want a fresh, evidence-based, understanding of their customers.
  • Agencies (PR, digital, customer experience, advertising etc) that are pitching for new business – and need to quickly understand their prospect’s customers, and digital communications.

I work across B2C and B2B, specialising in sectors that have complex products – professional services, technology, manufacturing, third sector, tourism etc. I have also worked on FMCG projects – the relaunch of Unilever’s Lynx range and more.


Trading as New Story Studio Limited, I’m employed in a mixture of roles. These include:

  • Freelance digital communications consultant / account planner / researcher.
  • Freelance content strategist / digital communications strategist.
  • Freelance website manager / digital manager / website editor.

Also, over the years I’ve been commissioned to write, or ghost-write, various publications about digital communications and marketing.
Reports I can mention here, include:

• Accountancy Sector Digital Benchmark (Draw Group, 2017).
• Healthcare Sector Digital Benchmark (Draw Group, 2016).
• Legal Sector Digital Benchmark (Draw Group, 2015).
• Legal Sector Digital Benchmark (Last Exit, 2014).
• Legal Sector Digital Benchmark (Last Exit, 2012).
• Energy Sector Digital Benchmark (Last Exit, 2012).

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Ciaran Ryan,
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