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Digital marketing consultant, London

I provide independent digital communications analysis, optimisation and production services.
With a focus on: Websites | Content | SEO

Working with leading brands, and their marketing agencies, since 2002.

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Digital marketing consultant, London

Ciaran Ryan

Digital marketing consultant, London
07960 098872 (UK)
  • Nearly 20 years experience with leading brands and their agencies

  • Focus: Websites, content and SEO (but have advised on most other areas)

  • Based in London, UK and have worked worldwide – and mostly remotely – since 2014

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My services include…

  • Analysis

Auditing & benchmarking

Get an independent perspective on your organisation’s websites, content and digital marketing. From useful advice around optimisation, to in-depth competitive intelligence.

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Digital audit document

Image: Pages from a law firm website audit / benchmarking report I conducted

  • User research

Audience intent modelling (AIM)

Persuasive websites, content and messaging are aligned with user need. AIM is a data-driven process that reveals actionable insights about your customers.

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AIM research

Image: Structured search engine queries

  • Strategy

Digital & content strategy

I advise marketing managers, agency owners and company directors. I bring experience, a fresh perspective and lots of Post-it notes (if it’s a workshop).

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Blackboard from a content strategy workshop

Image: Photo from a content strategy workshop that I gave

  • Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation that gets results. My holistic approach to SEO encompasses user intent, technology, editorial, UX and environment.

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SEO results

Image: Graphs showing increase in traffic and associated search queries, from a client website

  • Production

Website management

From relaunches to ongoing maintenance, my highly experienced UK-based team can provide stress-free, high-performance, website and app production services.

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Lighthouse website score

Image: High Lighthouse scores after we optimised a client’s website

Brands I’ve worked with

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